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Carefree Couple - Amanda and Henry

Delicious Groom's cake Unless you are new here, you must know by now how much I love this job.  (and if you are new here, Welcome!)  As one recent Bride put it, I really do LOVE love.  I am the eternal optimist, a true hopeless (make that hopeful) romantic.  So when I meet a couple like Amanda and Henry, my heart skipped a beat.

On the day I first met Amanda and Henry (and Amanda's mother Michelle) I knew I had to help them have a Carefree wedding day.  Luckily for me - they agreed.  You see, Amanda and Henry have already experienced one of the worst, most unimaginable things a couple can go through.  They have already suffered the loss of twin daughters.  As a mother - and not just a mother, but a mother of twins - my heart broke a little when I heard this.  But Amanda and Henry, though obviously grieved have chosen to not only stay together and work through that pain together, but they are expecting a baby boy any moment now (probably already as I am writing this post long before it goes live).

Amanda and Henry made it clear to me that they wanted their ceremony to not just reflect them but to also acknowledge the place in the hearts where their daughters still live.  Crafting a ceremony that spoke of their love for each other and their family was an enormous responsibility - and one that I did not take lightly.  I am honored to say Amanda told me the ceremony was her favorite part of her wedding day.

The actual wedding was held on March 9, 2014 at the Vineyards at Chappel Lodge a lovely south Austin venue hidden off behind a residential neighborhood.  With our recent cold weather, we had worries leading up to the day but lucky for us the temp rose just enough to hold the ceremony on the wedding lawn as planned.  And just after the ceremony the sun came out long enough for photos!  The bridesmaids all wore peach colored dresses of their own choosing and the bride chose a flowy empire waisted strapless gown for herself.  The groom wore a light grey suit with his groomsmen in black.  The ceremony included a sand ceremony with the mothers of the bride and groom standing in for their little girls.

Catering for the reception was provided by Trudy's.  The bilingual DJ Rock'n Ruben had the guests dancing all night. The cake was provided by Classic Cakes by Lori - we had a small cutting cake and cupcakes for the bride's cake and a chocolate cake with the Jordan logo for the groom!

The couple exited under a field of fireflies captured by the fantastic team at Striking Photography.

Amanda and Henry - thank you for choosing me to be a part of your wedding day.  I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness.

Be Carefreee,



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