Be the Carefree Bride

Trust your instincts

Don't have any vendor regretsIf you have a bad feeling about someone you have hired, take the loss and go with someone else.  Your wedding day is too important to have it clouded with doubt.

But I spent all that money!  Yes.  And you may not be able to get any back.  And that would suck a lot.  But isn’t the alternative worse?

How can you Be Carefree on your wedding day if you are worried that the DJ isn’t going to show up because you haven’t heard from him in weeks?  Or if the bartender doesn’t show up and there is no one available to serve drinks?  Maybe you’ve been reading bad reviews about someone you have hired that has confirmed fears you had about them.

I’ve never advised a couple to cancel a vendor until recently.  But my Bride was worried that this particular person had not been responsive or asking her any questions.  How can you have no questions about someone else’s wedding day?  Of course I found an affordable and available alternative for them first, just in case.  It’s a decision only they can make.  In the meantime I did my best to be prepared in case this person performed below expectations.

Having said all that, it is important to note that some wedding professionals – okay all wedding professionals – are creative individuals.  And sometimes the most creative people are not as quick to respond.  That poses a challenge in this business.  Not only that, but some people are really busy – maybe with just their wedding business or maybe because they work a day job in addition to owning their own business – and maybe they have a family too.  Only you can decide if you are comfortable waiting days or weeks for a return phone call or email.  I always tell my couples that I try to respond to all inquiries within 4 hours – but if they wait 24 and haven’t heard from me they should try again because I probably didn’t get it.

Maybe the best lesson here is when you hire your wedding professional set your expectations at the beginning.  Let him or her know how quickly you expect a response, or ask them what their usual response times are.

And if you are having second thoughts because of bad reviews, I encourage you to do your due diligence.  Do all of the negative reviews sound the same?  Are they posted by users with similar names?  Do the complaints sound legitimate?  Or could this be the case of a bridezilla or jealous competition wreaking havoc?  Alternatively look for good or glowing reviews that sound a little too generic.  Specifics – good or bad – add legitimacy to a review.

Give your pro a chance to respond to the bad reviews.  Let him or her know you found some negative reviews and would like to know their side of the story.  Then you can be the judge as to whether or not you should second guess your original hiring decision.  Of course if they get angry and defensive when questioned, that could be a red flag too.

Losing out on any deposits paid can hurt – especially if your budget was tight to begin with.  If you have made the painful decision to change vendors at the last minute ask your Day of Coordinator to source alternative pros for you.  Not only will you be sure to get a trusted professional but he or she may be able to negotiate a better price for you due to extenuating circumstances.  Not something I suggest you do on your own – too many stories of dishonest people out there.

In order to have a truly Carefree wedding day you need to have a Day of Wedding Coordinator you trust – and wedding professionals you love.  Don’t settle for less.

You deserve the best.

Be Carefree,



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