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Thank You Notes: Just Do It!

The art of the Thank You Note has been waning in popularity in the last decade. This is partly due to technology advances, time constraints, and let’s face it: it is not much fun and it can hurt your hands! The fact remains, however, that you should ALWAYS find the time for your thank you notes for your wedding guests!

Some people are of the opinion that you only need to worry most about thanking the guests that extended you a gift… I have to disagree with them. I went by this “advice” for my smallish wedding, and I will always regret not sending every one of my wonderful guests a thank you note! Some guests made it out to my wedding at their grand expense, and they did not give a physical gift. We did not mind one bit that they did not give us one, either! We told them in person how much we appreciated their presence, but I regret not sending a physical card to say thank you and to let them know how much their being there meant to us. You will have no regrets by sending a card to every guest, you will actually feel great after, and so will your guests! J

Of course, it can hurt your hand writing out 100+ notes, but it is worth it, not just for you and your partner, for peace of mind for your guests, too. Your  guest may not know if you got the gift or not without a thank you note. It is very considerate to let them know you did, and they will be happy to know their card did not get blown under a table or swept away by a cleanup crew after you made your grand exit. Here is a list of some “Thank You” do’s and don’ts to help you get through this task as efficiently and politely as possible - and don’t forget to keep a smile on your face. J

  1. Hand-write each note. If you or your new spouse need help in the legibility department, practice and do your best J the sentiment really means more than penmanship.
  2. Personalize the note to include the gift that was received, and if it is a physical item, what you may do with it.
  3. Make sure both partners sign the note, no matter which one writes the bulk of it.
  4. Get to it early. Get the notes in the mail within 30 days of the wedding.
  5. Consider sending thank you notes to your venue staff and other wedding vendors as a gesture of kindness. They may not expect them and it will make their day!

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