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LOVE your wedding professionals

Your wedding proIf you have already started your planning process, you know there are a lot of wedding professionals out there.  You’ve probably been given advice from everyone you’ve announced your engagement to: “I have the perfect florist!”  “My photographer was the best!”  “Our DJ rocked the house!”  “Here’s their contact information…”

Want one more piece of advice?  Love your wedding professionals.  There are so many of us out there, don’t settle.  Don’t hire someone because your cousin’s girlfriend’s best friend’s photographer is the best – and you can’t stand him (or her).  These are people that will be playing important roles in the biggest (most expensive) day of your life.  Do you really want someone that doesn’t mesh with your personality?  Move on to the next name on your list.  You will find the perfect match – someone that understands your style and isn’t going to force you into a mold that you don’t fit.

I end all of my first time meetings with couples by telling them this, “If you love me, hire me.  And if not, then I am not the right person for the job because you should always love your wedding professionals.”

Of course, I hope you love me.

Be Carefree,



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