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Luxury or Necessity?

be the carefree brideSometimes the hardest part of what I do is convincing my couple of the need for a Day of Coordinator.  I’m often considered a luxury – something worth booking only if they have a little cash leftover in the budget.  But I promise you this: not one of my couples has regretted hiring me as their DoC – but several have said they regret not hiring me (or one in general).

So many couples are into the DIY frenzy inspired by Pinterest - and I love how unique weddings are because of that.  But DIYers need a DoC more than anyone because they haven’t hired a top notch group of professionals to handle the details on their wedding day.  Often I am told friends or family have volunteered to handle the details.  I understand why it is tempting to take them up on the offer.  The economy is tough right now and you have able bodied, well intentioned family members willing to lend an extra hand so why not?  Because they deserve to be stress free too, don’t they?  Mom should be there with you when you are putting on your gown, not worrying about place cards or centerpieces.  Dad shouldn’t be out in the heat setting out chairs while you are relaxing with friends.  Let everyone be a part of that.  And what if one of those little disasters happens:  the DJ doesn’t show up, the flowers are wrong (or dead), or the cake has fallen?  Don’t add to the stress of the day by having to deal with those things yourself.  And no one in your family will pay as much attention to your carefully planned details as a professional will.

Another thing I hear?  Our venue has an on-site coordinator. That’s great!  If you can book a venue that provides a full service coordinator then you are all set!  But what if they aren’t really full service?  Often times an on-site coordinator is only concerned with opening up and locking down at the end of the evening.  Or perhaps they are really only concerned with the catering staff or making sure you check off all the items on your timeline.  Make sure you understand the full scope of what they will (or won’t) do for you prior to your wedding day.

Here are some helpful questions to ask your on-site coordinator:

  • Will you set the tables with centerpieces and favors?
  • Will you do all of the decorating?
  • Will you contact all of my wedding professionals prior to the wedding to ensure they will be on time?
  • Will you follow up if someone doesn’t show up on time, or has the wrong flowers/cake/food?
  • Will you help coordinate photos with the family after the ceremony?
  • Will you help bustle my gown after the ceremony?
  • Will you clean up everything at the end of the evening and assist with getting gifts and personal effects loaded into the proper vehicles?

A Day of Coordinator will do all of those things and more for you.

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